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R. P. S. A. NYC Rules and Regulations



1. Games will consist of two, twenty minute halves, running time.

A) Clock stops last 30 seconds first half and in each overtime

B) Clock stops last minute on all whistles and only on two shot fouls the last two minutes.

2. Timeouts

A) Three time-outs per game (two full and one 20 second T/O)

B) Each over-time you will receive an additional 20 second timeout.

3. Overtime Periods: will be a four minute period.

4. Starting times are listed on the schedule each team will have a 10 minute grace period for games starting before 8:00PM (in the grace period your team will lose timeouts every 5 minutes, if your team cannot field at least four at the end of that time the clock will run and the opposing team will get a 2 points per minute if the half runs out your team forfeits & a $120 forfeit fee is assessed and must be paid prior to next game. (Exceptions to not start the clock will be based on an individual basis only by commissioner)

5. UNIFORMS All players must wear their R.P.S.A. uniform, (same team color or very close) in every Game,

failure to do so will result in a two point penalty per shirt.

6. All players must wear sneakers.

7. The Referee reserves the right TO EJECT ANY PLAYER for arguing and / or abusive language toward the Referee, opposing players’ Score-keeper, Timekeeper, or Coach.

8. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for the next game (i.e., trash talking, techs, and so -on). Any ejection for fighting is A MINIMUM 3 GAME SUSPENSION TOWARD THE INITIATOR AND A MINIMUM OF 1 GAME SUSPENSION FOR THE OPPOSING PLAYER.

9. Any player or coach who threatens or strikes any RPSA Officials (Referees, scorekeepers, timekeepers or commissioners) will be suspended and/or expelled from the league any infraction that involves any physical violence that player will be expelled and legal action taken.

10. Halftime will be a maximum of five minutes. Overtime will have a one minute rest period.

12. While bench players are not in the game please make sure, they are at least 10 feet away from the scorekeeper so they are able to keep an accurate score.

13. All substitutions must report to either the scorekeeper or referee prior to entering the game.

14. Technical fouls will be counted as a personal and a team foul. (Cannot foul out on 1st tech), A players first tech in the game will cost $10.00 before the player can continue to play in the game, if the same player receives a 2nd technical foul in the same game he is ejected for the remainder of the game, suspended for1game and a $20.00 fine is imposed. If your team receives a technical foul and has possession, the opposing team will shoot 2 free throw and take possession at half court.

15. Held ball is alternate possession.

16. Referees:

A) Has the power to forfeit/end games if the conditions warrant it.

B) Has the right to call technical fouls on any teams’ supporters, followers, if they act in such a way to interfere with the proper conduct of the game.

C) Has the power to rule on anything not specifically covered in the rules.

17. Team Captains and coaches are responsible for:

A) All players conduct and knowledge of rules.

B) To be sure all players sign in

1) A player who does not sign in, WILL NOT BE GIVEN ELIGIBILITY for that game.

2) Any player who signs for another player will be suspended two infractions will receive a two game suspension.

3) Making sure each all players participate in 50% of the games to be eligible for the playoffs. Any team that feels a team is using a player that is not eligible for the playoffs must state this prior to the game to the scorekeeper. If the player is not eligible the team using the illegal player will forfeit the game.

4) ALL Financial Responsibilities (Entrance Fees, Referees fees and Forfeit Fees)

18. Any team who has five players and one fouls out he may stay in the game, but as a penalty the opposing team will shoot one shot and take possession on each foul starting on the sixth foul. If he leaves the game, he may not return at any time that game. If your team has more than six players and you’re down to five only the last player to foul out has that choice.

19. Bleeding players must leave game until bleeding is stopped and covered.

20. Each player is allowed six personals.

21. Referee fees are $65.00 per team for 2 refs/ one referee is $45.00 per team (payable at game time).

22. Teams may begin on either side of court regardless of where the bench is.

23. Break-a-way fouls as seen by referees. One Shot and the ball.

24. Flagrant fouls as seen by referees, two shots, ball, immediate ejection and suspension for next game.

25. If point differential is 15 or more points the clock will not stop; 30 or more game is over with two minutes.

26 Two Bonus free throws on ten team fouls.

A) One and one on seven team fouls in stop time ONLY. ( last 30 seconds 1st half and last minute 2nd half .)

27. A protest fee is $90.00,and must be done prior to game starting, if protest is valid, fees will be returned.

28. If you know you cannot field a team by game time you must call in by 2 P.M. or it will be deemed a forfeit.

29. Highest amount of even seeded teams will make playoffs.(odd team out) for example, in an 11 team league 11th team out.

30. If there are poor weather conditions and you think your game may be canceled you must call/text 917 951 4523 .

31 Any team who forfeits is required to pay an $120 fee prior to next game.

32. Each team is responsible for cleaning up their bench area after their game. Teams who leave garbage will be given a 10 point deficit on their next scheduled game.

32. Only 6 Players allowed to line up for free throws. (4 defense 2 offense)

33. Any team or teams fans that acts in such a way that is detrimental to the league, they will be expelled.

34. All fees must be paid in full BY GAME 4.


36. Any player that is intoxicated during league games will be suspended.

37. Any team not following the rules & conduct guidelines will be banned from league play & no refunds given.

38. A player may call a timeout while going out of bounds as long as he has possession / control of the ball and was inbounds prior to calling the timeout.

40. Any player playing on two separate teams in the same division that is ejected must sit the next game FOR BOTH TEAMS.

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